Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Last Week Of Fun!

This week will be my last week of slacking because I'll be doomed when April comes.

Humour Project Presentation on 6 April.
NM Individual Assignment due on 6 April.
Marketing Individual Assignment due on 7 April.
Marketing Group Project due on 7 April.

That means I've 4 assignments to complete by that particular week and I haven't started on any...

My eyes are closing because it's 1241am. I want to sleep!!!

On a random note, I've got 214 watermelons just now before I started eating them!! (:

And photoshoot photos. I concluded that I've no talent for photoshoots because my mouth gets tired really easily and my smile will be really fake after a while and I look stupid when I don't smile. Okayy Songminghan I know you're nodding your head furiously now... I can sense it totally.

3 photos. The rest of the photos I saw are like "ohmygod i look like I stuffed fishballs in my mouth and my smile is uber fake and i look like i'm stoning instead of posing for the camera and all in all, am I even smiling???"... yes, which all means not nice.

photoshoot = not for me.

I want to sleep!

BUT I shall be nice and wait for littleunflabby (HAHA!) to finish bathing! And you, cheer up cheer up cheer up cheer up okayyy!!! (((:

And littleunflabby just fainted again. He went to bathe for like half an hour already but he's still not back... my eyes are closing ))):

Alright, excited for tomorrow! Goodnight everyone! (:

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