Friday, March 12, 2010

Engine Hottest Girl Is Ups!

I think Mac is uber cool because I get to screenshot what I want to screenshot instead of screenshoting the entire desktop! How cool how cool! (((:

Ah Cai!!! Lebbs said you're 10/10!!! The above screenshots are evidence!! ((:

How cute. hahaha!

I went shopping with Weiyiang for a lil while before my project meeting and I saw this pair of Charles and Keith heels that I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE SO SO SO MUCH!!! But there wasn't my size!!! ))):

Then after project meeting, I went to walk around and decided to get havaianas and and and they told me there is no more havaianas slim anymore!!! The only available sizes for slim are super small and it's impossible for me to squeeze into them!!! )): Sadness #2.

Sadness #3 attacked me right after that.. I saw the NUM shorts that I wanted since very long ago and I was super happy!!! Then after very long (because the shorts cost $79.90), I decided I should get it since there was 50% discount. The only size was S and I tried it on and it's like freaking small!!! AND THAT WAS THE ONLY SIZE AVAILABLE! Sadness ttm.

Shopping failed terribly.

No heels, no slippers, no shorts! ):

Alright flabs, it's tuo fu ***** *****... I hope it's useful. HAHA!

Captain's ball tomorrow with bro and his friends in the morning. I WANT MACS BF!!! ):

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