Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Dearest Daddy Chock,

I finally have the motivation to blog because I suddenly missed you like crazy! Not like I don't see you around in school, it's just that things are different now as compared to Sem 1. There is no one there to remind me about my tests, no one to give me summaries before exams, no one to teach me stuff that I don't know and make sure that I know the stuff, no one to rely on, no one to make sure that I'm catching up on school work, no one to bid for all my modules, no one to ballot for all my tutorials, no one to plan my timetable for me, no one to bring me to my tutorial classes...

I miss you so much, daddy.

I know it's right to be independent but it so isn't easy. It's like all of a sudden, I've got so much load on me and I've to carry everything because there is no one around for me to throw the load onto.

Oh no, why am I feeling sad in the middle of the night?

If only you were still taking the same modules as me, I probably wouldn't feel so lost and sad now because when I don't understand stuff, there is no one around for me to ask because they won't have the same amount of patience as you.


Alright, it's just a sudden realization.

Anyway, I haven't been blogging because I simply didn't have the motivation to. Nothing to write about, I've no idea why.

Many things have been happening though. It's just that I don't feel like blogging.

Actually I just realised I did blog recently..


Monday's school. Today's school. Ran to Biz with Ah Cai for our subject pool. We were late but thankfully the person didn't lock us outside.

My 5 mosquito bites became much bigger. I've been wearing leggings or jeans these two days, it's time to show my ugly 5 'in a circle' mosquito bites tomorrow. DAMN UGLY! ):

Flabby was super nice, he delivered vitamin C tablets that give out effervescence when dissolved in water. Awesomeness.

Okayy, I want to go sleep so I shall finish blogging quickly.

Beach Fiesta photos!

Thanks to this girl, I kept rolling on the sand because I had to keep preventing her from snatching the ball away.
Mr Chao Ta.

KFC for lunner.
Henderson Waves with xclusive. Actually there were only 4 of us. The rest went missing.
Sunblock = very important.
The super act cool Songminghan who is totally not like this in real life.
NO, HE IS NOT LIKE THIS. Songminghan is the most spastic person I've ever seen in my life.. I know he's gonna say I'm one of the most spastic ones he has seen too... but I really think that he's like ten million times more spastic than I am.
Yes, good example of his spasticness.
Sunday = Sick Day = Pale-looking Face.

Thanks to this photo, I burnt my finger. But Mel fell and her injuries were worse than mine.
Spastic, spastic, spastic.

It's like 0206am... I really have no idea why I'm still awake. I'm gonna crash.

Goodnight people.

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