Thursday, March 18, 2010

7eva 4eva! (:

1111am now. Time to make a wish.

Yesterday was an awesome day out with the girls, first at Novena for lunch (okayy I lunched with flabs), second at Joyce's house where they surprised Annie and I with a cake while we were concentrating hard on Gossip Girl, third at Timbre after we conquered the many many flights of stairs, and last but not least, Mos burger where we laughed like CRAZY!! (:

There was something wrong with my hair yesterday (all of them say so)... and I think I look weird in the photos.. @.@

But well, the day was awesome cause we kept laughing at Pat's ideas! Like "play the game and wave"... like "Aiya... aiya... aiya..."... like "how she went for the haunted house"... and so many many many things.

There were 6 of us at Joyce's house, cause Pat ended school at 4plus. And Ah Tang told Pat that she should wear a dress and heels and she really did. lol.
Cake Cake (:
5 of us were in heels and we conquered this long flight of stairs!!! (:
Timbre where we had ROASTED DUCK PIZZA, Hawaiian Pizza, 2 Erdingers, Breaded Calamari and Stuffed Mushrooms! (:

And then presents time! (:

7eva! (:

Thanks 7eva for the celebration!!! Thanks for all the laughter and fun! There are so many things to talk about each time we meet up and it will always be a laughter-filled gathering! Love you all lots lots!!! (:

We should plan for our chalet soon! HAHA!

And yeah, thanks Robin for the early birthday wish (though you're not the first).. but alright, first on msn to wish me happy birthday.

I think I'm gonna be late for subject pool. OH NO OH NO! This is bad.

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