Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today's MY Lucky Day!

The best day of 2010 thus far!!!

After tutorial, I was supposed to take the BTC bus to meet Lebbs, Austen and Daniu at Serene Centre Macs. Ah Cai and I missed A2 while we were walking out from Science Fac so we took C instead.. Before alighting, we saw the BTC bus going towards the stop and I ran from the bus stop I alighted from all the way to the bus stop I was supposed to take the BTC bus... BUT the BTC drove off before I managed to reach the bus stop!!!

So Ah Cai and I decided to take our time and we went to the toilet because we thought that the BTC bus will only come around 0730pm..

The lucky thing was, when Ah Cai and I reached the bus stop, the BTC bus reached the bus stop!!! (((: 0718pm and we boarded the bus!

Off I went to Macs to meet the three of them!! (((:

Macs for dinner (FAT FAT, Popeyes yesterday, Macs today!).. Island Creamery for Ice Cream!!!

Lebbs drove us home even though he's having exams tomorrow! Thanks Flabs! Mug hard!! (:

Today's a happy day. Several people sent me messages that made me feel happy. Today is a "receive praises" day! ((:

Yups. Let's hope that tomorrow will be an equally happy day!

And I just wanna say, I've really wonderful friends that never fail to make me smile! (:

Goodnight people!

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