Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's A Lucky Day!

Firstly, Ah Cai and I took the 153 bus to BTC. Right after we alighted from 153, the BTC bus was here and so we boarded the BTC bus to school. Then, once we got down from the BTC bus, our bus B came and we hopped onto it to Biz for our Marketing tutorial!

We reached the tutorial class really early because we didn't spend any time waiting for buses! (:

Thus, Ah Cai and I concluded that it was our lucky day! (:

I'm having a sore throat now for no apparent reason. I didn't eat chocolates like Sebby (he used the ferrero rocher wrappers to fold roses for his gf so he kept eating chocolates! so sweet!), I didn't scream like crazy like Chloe and Atika during bash, and I don't think I ate any heaty food.

So why am I having a sore throat now??? @.@

Booza was supposed to go to Chinatown tonight to walk around and I was really excited I told my mummy I was going to Chinatown! But the disappointing thing was, they cancelled it last minute so I didn't go to Chinatown in the end!!!

Went to J8 instead and got 3 curly whirly telephone-cord-like rubber bands and 2 normal ones. And I got a fruit tart from Lebbs cause I kept asking him to bake fruit tarts! haha. I think he probably got annoyed with me and decided to use the delifrance fruit tart to shut me up for the moment!

"I want fruit tarts. I want fruit tarts!"

And I'm happy that I got a fruit tart! Fruit tarts make me happy! I can totally remember Annie's fruit tarts which were filled with concentrated milk but were still nevertheless great-tasting!!! ((:

So, thanks Lebbs! (:

Fruit tarts, fruit tarts for the win! Do not throw them into the rubbish bin!

It's shopping time tomorrow with Annie AND Udders with Booza!!! Double Happiness. Tuition got cancelled because my student's not feeling well and I'm skipping my lecture tomorrow!!!

I told you today's a lucky day.

0236am. Off to bed I go!

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