Thursday, February 4, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance?

Shopping with Annie in the afternoon was awesome. I finally got my New Year clothes and Mummy's happy with them. She was complaining last year when I wore black and white for both days of CNY. I'm happy that I stocked up my wardrobe with clothes to wear to school on lazy days!!! (((:

Dinner with Austen, Lebbs, Daniu, Kaka and Ah Cai before we headed over to Udders for ice-cream and chilling session. I wonder why we have so many things to talk about even though we see each other almost every other day!!! We sang out loud, danced mambo, laughed like crazy, made Lebbs drink the disgusting 6-flavoured melted ice cream + water mixture and played some game that I suggested! Same frequency people makes me happy! ((: I like I like.

I love happy days. I hope it continues on like this forever and ever. I'll be so happy, I'll die smiling.

It's 0442am and I'm blogging now because I kept getting distracted. I read blogs, digged dug for treasures, skyped and did many other things instead of blogging.

My eyes are tired and I feel like sleeping but today's a happy day I want to blog about it!!!

Retarded Austen purposely posed for us.
Daniu with his "shoulders move to the right" dance move.
Lebbs with his "shoulders move to the right" dance move too but he looked more like he's acting cool for some photoshoot.
Ah Cai with the perfect example of "shoulder move to the right" dance move.
Now Lebbs know how to act like Zhicong too!

They decided to move away from the "tilt head" pose and switch to something of higher level. The "tilt head + turn body + twist" pose. No idea what Daniu is doing with his fingers though.
Yes. And my "in order for my arms to look skinnier" pose... they mastered it too. No no, Lebbs mastered it.. I don't stick out my chest like Daniu did..
To the top, Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom. To the right, Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom. To the left, Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom Chika-boom.
And the frog goes "Mmm, Nngg, Ahhh".
And Lebbs go, "Mmm"
Doing his engine dance move which is meant to be a secret... but his video is up on facebook already!
Daniu, whose heart got stolen by Cosplay!
Daring him to drink the disgusting 6-flavoured melted ice cream + water mixture! Video on facebook too!
Then we played the game "Who will spill the water!" Ah Cai lost!!!
Tofu and Camel so cute!!! (:

I feel extremely guilty for not doing my work but I gotta admit that having fun is much better! It makes me so happy I keep laughing.

I'm supposed to go shopping with Sharon tomorrow in town again but it's 0450am, I don't even know if I can wake up. I better send her a message to tell her I'm still awake at this time so she'll let me sleep more!!! (((:

I should really get to bed... Goodnight lovelies! (:

Sometimes, I wish I can read people's minds so that I know what they're thinking about.

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