Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silence Isn't Golden!

I was supposed to be studying today, but I totally ended up digging my treasure and blog-hopping and talking...

And when I saw this dress, I couldn't stop myself from emailing the person right away to purchase it! Within half an hour, I transferred money and replied the person! Impulsive but I still think that the dress is super cute! (:

I'm happy with my buy.. I hope it arrives soon! (:
I think we shouldn't take people for granted because you will never know when the person is going to stop being there for us. We tend to get so used to the person being there and we have the mindset that he/she will always be there. Have you ever wonder what you will become when the person disappear suddenly and how your life will change because that someone is no longer there?

Treasure the ones around you and stop assuming that they will always be there for you.

Silence isn't golden. Put your words into actions and show that you care for them.

Goodnight! (:

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