Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm watching U're The Man and I can't believe the guys are not afraid of lizards. They're like catching it with their bare hands and kissing the lizards! Hello, LIZARDS LIZARDS LIZARD! Plus, they are not the normal lizards we know of, they are BIG, FAT and BLACK lizards that live in caves!!! GROSSED OUT!!!

Humour seminar, Econometrics lecture, NM tutorial, Living with Mathematics tutorial.

My NM class is filled with pretty girls. The two prettiest girls, one's Darcy's eyecandy and the other who represented Arts for NUSSU Bash are in my group together with Victor and Rajj. Aren't you envious? lol.

House IC Interview after dinner. I think it went fine.

It's 0100am. I was supposed to read my Marketing book but I gave up after a while. Boring Boring.

Off to bed. Goodnight!

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