Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lay Down Your Arms, Give Up The Fight!


The first day of CNY falls on Valentine's Day.. I wonder if that is good or bad for couples. Okayy, it's the 20th year that I don't have a date on V Day. And no, I'm not sad or what.. Vics is flying off tomorrow night! WE WILL MISS YOU VICS!!!

On a random note, I walked into the bathroom to put my clothes and I forgot about some stuff I think.. So I walked out of the bathroom and I slipped and fell!! @.@ Now there's a long cut across my hand and when I bathed, it was hurting like crazy! ): And the cut is on the other side of my hand so I can't put down my hand when I'm typing and it's really tiring!! )):

I was supposed to have breakfast at 10am at interchange Macs on Friday.. I didn't even hear my alarm and I woke up at 10am instead of reaching interchange at 10!! Sorry Sorry.. *do dance* lol.

Slept at 10plus last night (long time since I did that) and woke up at 0745am because there's a photoshoot at 9am! Came home for lunch and had reunion dinner at night! ((:

Photos from Chinatown day!

They bought 2 bowls of random tang yuans and we were supposed to take one each! Chloe and I wanted the sesame one really badly but both of us ended up with the red bean one!!! ):
Then it was the "stand on the slope and push each other down and if you get down faster, you lose" game.. Dave and Ah Cai started it and we started playing...

I don't have fat legs! Yeah.

I'm going to cut my fringe after next Saturday! It's annoying me!!! Rahh.

I wish I wish. I wish.

Please ask me out to study from next week onwards. I can't stay home to study with so many many many distractions around!!!

I had 4 hours of afternoon nap just now but I'm feeling tired already!

Enjoy your CNY and V Day people!!! ((:

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