Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's A Song That Never Ends, It Goes On And On My Friend.

First up, outdated photos from a few days ago!!!

On Monday during Marketing lecture, Chock wasn't in school so for the entire lecture, I was facebooking and msning. After the lecture ended, I laughed out loud when the lecturer showed this slide that has a CNY song played along with it and the lion can move you know!!!
Then very nice Austen, Lebbs and Daniu came to accompany me after 4pm! ((: The forum is now our favourite hangout place!!

Then we drew this picture... which is only the beginning. I didn't take a photo of the end product though.. But the four of us laughed at this for quite some time!!!


Had school, went to Zhonghua to support my juniors.. Decided to go visit Tim Yeo since he just went for an operation... Slacked at his house for some time before heading home to rest.. Then off I went to Marina Square.

Met up with some of the Royalties after that at Tpy Popeyes!

Annie, Vics, Xiao Ken and I took the photobooth photo which turned out to be like crap =/
And being random, I love it when my bed sheet is changed.. lol. It's pink and nice! (:

Thursday Today!

Tuitioned. No school (skipped lecture yes..).. And went to Chinatown with Booza! ((:

Claypot rice, Stingray, Cheecheongfun and Yam Cake?
Walked around Chinatown before we went to have Tangyuan. I'm feeling hungry now!! This is bad...
Dave's pose!

Yeah, I love my Mafia!
The gay buddies! :O

Thanks Lebbs for driving us home!!

No captions for the last few photos cause I'm tired and I should be sleeping!!!

Breakfast tomorrow at 10am. Lack of sleep! It's 0318am now. =/

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