Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's The Love Season!

Valentine's Day is coming! Treasure Madness is filled with Valentine maps which are oh so lovely!!! Treasures that are gifts for Valentine's Day, maps that are filled with hearts and teddies and lovely stuff..

Sweet stuff = Love

So many people got attached recently. There is like a trend for people to get into a relationship during the love season. Love is so in the air!

Training with the juniors today nearly killed me. Training started at 12 so I didn't have lunch. While I was doing drills, I thought I was going to faint cause I started feeling giddy. Bad bad, I'm getting weak. Trained all the way till 5pm before I made my way home.. I sort of pulled my muscle and it hurts a little! ): Rushed like crazy and cabbed down to Raffles Town Club for the appreciation dinner. It was nice seeing the instructors again!!! (((:

And not forgetting my twin who has the same problems as me!!! She's like totally my twin! She looks like me (according to a lot of people), she talks like me (according to a lot of people again), she has the same problems as me, and she thinks like me! Twin sister! (:

She wanted to come over to Zouk with Kaka, YY and I but she forgot to bring her IC!!! Next time, next time okayys! (:

So, the three of us cabbed down to Zouk to support Lebbs for the joustling competition.

This was taken at the entrance..
Seb Ho! (:
Paul Twohill.
Paul and Kaykay. I know Lebbs is envious!
Yeah, the four supporters!
Fight Fight Fighting.

Kaka and Malina!
After the whole event!

Austen, Lebbs, Peiyu, Alvin and I went to Spize(???) for supper and we played Monopoly Deal Cards there!!! Super fun super fun!!! Annie has the game but I haven't played with her yet.. I wanna play it soon!!! Annie, meet up for mugging and monopoly deal cards session okayys!!! ((:

Yet another happy day.


Sentosa with SOTA Instructors tomorrow. Good night all! (:

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