Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm A Happy Girl. Everybody Knows.


Holland V to mug with Lebbs and Austen. Thanks to them I didn't have to go there by myself for my project meeting! (:

Tuition after my project meeting. Thanks Lebbs for sending me there! (:


Photoshoot in the morning.
Came home for a nap.
Mugging at some ice-cream shop at Sixth Avenue (?) before we got chased away! I forgot the name of the shop.. Oh, I think it's Venezia.
Mugging at Starbucks at Airport! There were two primary school teachers who kept bitching about everything and I couldn't concentrate on my work because their conversations were much more interesting than the boring ttm NM readings!

That's a summary of my 2 days.

Yups. Look at my title. That's me these days! (:

It's a crazy 0420am.. I'm here doing nothing... NM project group meeting tomorrow AGAIN! I'm totally dreading it...


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