Monday, February 22, 2010

If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

I'm clapping my hands in my mind! (:

Sunday was Project Group Meeting for NM, before I came home to mahjong.. Then it was tutorial chionging at Novena Starbucks before Ben and Jerrys at Dempsey Hill! (:

Fat Fat I've been ice-creaming for 2 consecutive days! Strawberry Cheesecake (:

On a random note, there is a big problem with my phone! People can't call me because they will be automatically diverted to voicemail! >:( It's time for a new phone!!!

I kept getting distracted I can't study!

I know there's a lack of decrease in updates recently. My posts are short and summarised and I don't blog everyday anymore! BUT at least there is a post once every two days! So, please do not complain okayy!

Alright, I shall praise Annie for blogging 5 times a day! Good Job Annie, keep up the good work although I know you probably won't.

Love Tanahli's post ttm! So sweet! (:

And I'm loving the smses I'm receiving everyday because they never fail to make my day! (: Sweetness!

Yups. Ending my post with a photo of me at Dempsey Hill Ben and Jerrys. Love the cute car behind which has a heart shape on it! (:

NM Mid-terms on 1 March. I'm still at the first reading.

Living with Mathematics Mid-terms on 1 March. I haven't watched 4 or 5 of the webcasts.

It's GG for me but I'm still happy.


Okayy, I know that happiness doesn't help in my CAP.

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