Monday, February 1, 2010


This will be a quick post because it's almost 1am and I'm really tired!

Photos from Camp!

The wonderful sandcastle I was telling you all about in my previous post! (:
A candid shot of me climbing the mountain..
Yeah, my wonderful class 4E! (:
Bash Photos!!!

Booza (:
Bizcom (:
Lennard (:
Mereith and Ervin (:
Our cool light.
Lebbs, Austen and Atika (:
Chloe and Atika ((:
Austen, Atika and Daniu (:
Chloe (:

Today was great. Long day in school but after school, Lebbs, Austen, Atika, Ah Cai and I went to Ikea for dinner! Meatballs and chicken wings (((:

Laughed like crazy at Atika because she totally didn't realise Lebbs was staring at her.. Many funny moments!!! Booza is TOTALLY Awesome! (:

Thanks Lebbs for sending us back! (:

To those people who are emoing or stressful or unhappy, CHEER UP! Have a good rest and tomorrow will be a better day!!! (:

Good night lovelies.

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