Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Found The Reason!

1115pm. Blogging, didn't watch my webcast, didn't do my tutorials, didn't read my readings.

Reason being: Facebook refused to cooperate with me, it refused to load. I desperately wanted to see the photos taken today, I kept refreshing and refreshing... It finally loaded... but it took up a lot of my time and right after I took the photos, it refused to load AGAIN.

Once I get the photos, I'm tempted to blog...

So the cure to me not camping on facebook or wanting to blog, is to not go out or not take photos! YES! Please stop taking out your cameras (I didn't take out my camera anymore!!!) or please stop taking photos that has me in it. Then I'll probably study more and not be addicted to facebook or blogging!!!

I gotta JUST SAY NO to taking photos!!!

But before that is happening, I'll still blog about today! (:

SOTA Instructors Outing to Sentosa was a great success, but sadly Jaime and Rachel couldn't come.

BFF (: I look dark because I'm at the background.. so we decided to take another photo!
See, I'm not as dark anymore! (:

Frisbee! Nope, I'm not a fan of frisbee, I prefer Volley.
Okayy, I suck at frisbee even though I attended one session of frisbee in school.

Okayy, cover my face then cannot see me.
Bollywood style!

We made Songminghan go ask a volleyball from some random people so that we can play with it!
Jumpshots! (((:

The three funny jumps..
If you ignore my retarded expression, I look like I'm splitting right!!!
Coolness.. Proness.
Songminghan is oh, so girlish.
Then they spent 15minutes trying to teach me how to pout my lips and look like I'm kissing. But the end result was, F-A-I-L.
Mel likes to cover my face...
And she covered my face again...

Photos from the appreciation dinner and Zouk..

My twin!!! (:
Twin, Retarded Afiq who sent me a retarded message, Lame Zul, Kaka, April and YY!
haha, according to YY, this photo looks wrong but I like this photo cause I look super fair!!!
Kaka!! (:

Facebook hates me but I love it.

I should just go and sleep early since Facebook doesn't want me to load it.

Will you be my one in a million?

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