Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back to the young days!

Photos from yesterday! ((:

Bro and I! (:
At 3rd Kim's place..
Bro kept snapping random photos of me and my face is always at the side of the photo..
My bro thinks that he's a superstar. I'm not lying.
((: I used to think that my daddy is super good-looking when I was young!

This is such a fake smile! I took like a dozen unglam photos of my bro screaming and shouting when he was sitting on the rocking chair cause he was super scared he would fall backwards! But he deleted everything after that!
Yeahh, onto the cute kidds part!!!
Caught her crying because her sister took away her ball!

Aww.. ((:

My relatives either asked me if I've graduated or working, or they thought that I'm in my last year in uni! That totally means that I've leveled up and I no longer look like a kid ehh!!! ((:

Gathering with 4eva and Gang! Okayy 7eva.. at Pat's house! (:

Ah Tang didn't use her "Just Say No" card when Jessica deal broke her properties and won the game!!!
Fishball Annie so cute!!
Pat's whole collection of pooh bears!!!
Then Ahli wanted to play the Guess Who game!
My boyfriend is I forgot his name!!!
We played with dominoes after our game of Monopoly Deal Cards, Guess Who and UNO Stacko!
((: 7eva!
As usual, the two slowies competing in Snap!
Popeyes for dinner!!! Pat's got talent! Her lower lips can touch her nose!!! Little kids, please do not try this at home.
Havaianas Ftw! Ahli extra!!!
After Popeyes, I went home for 5 minutes before leaving my house again!

Henderson Waves!!! Nice place nice place!!! ((:

Sat there and talked for quite some time before leaving cause it started to rain! Fong Seng for supper and I reached home at 3plus am! It was fun talking about random stuff! (:

It's like 0525am and I'm blogging!!! There's tuition at 2pm tomorrow, I hope I wake up in time!

Great day, great company. Awesome! (:

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