Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Webcasted! (:

I'm really proud of myself for finishing my Living With Mathematics webcast. Internet went down halfway but the problem was solved and I finished watching the webcast!!! (:

Tuesday was "answering questions" day!

During NM tutorial, the tutor asked me, "so what do you think?", "so do you understand?", "so do you get it now?", "are you clear?", "you look like you have something to say?"... and I kept giving a blank look because his accent is so strong I didn't understand many things he said. But I'm happy that Victor and Raj are in my NM tutorial so I'm not alone after all! (:

Living With Mathematics tutor cum lecturer calls me the English god because there is no one in Arts and there's no one who took English in my tutorial class. Okayy, we're learning about reasoning that requires some form of English and he kept asking me to answer questions!

After tutorial was laser quest with Booza!!! Exciting ttm! We just kept running around (okayy, to be honest, I was camping most of the time cause I was tired!). I'm having terrible muscle aches now thanks to laser quest. Okayy, I know I'm weak. I know. haha.

Photos! (:

We saw a batman car in school! And Lennard just told me the owner of this car!!! I know who that guy is but I totally didn't expect him to be so omegaly rich, he owns other cars?!?!? :O (Identity of owner is kept secret in case some evil people read my blog and attempts to kidnap him!)
With Mr. Birthday Boy and Jimmy.
Our results! (1) Kaka, (2) Flabby, (3) Chewy, (4) Purpleyip (Retarded!), (5) Daniu, (6) Jimmy, (7) Aussieee.
With our certs! (:
Inside the place. This was taken after our game!
Candid shot because the person just kept snapping. I looked like I'm trying to commit suicide by shooting myself. Okayy the reason why everyone's standing but I'm on the ground is, I WAS REALLY TIRED!!! =P
I'm still on the ground. haha.

Dinner over at Yew Tee, Daniu's parents' stall! The Yong Tau Foo there is awesome!!! GO TRY IT!!! (: Thanks Daniu for the treat!!! (:

Mr. Birthday Boy!!! Surprised him with his present, doughnuts and c**d**.

And the video that dave uploaded made me realise that I look like a bunny! :O My teeth must be moving. I better go find my orthodontist soon... My retainers cracked pretty long ago and I kept saying I'll go find my orthodontist soon but I don't have the time to!

Anyway, photos of Mafia Gang + Track Gang outing! Full force for Mafia gang, 2/5 for Track Gang! Mafia won hands down! (:

Okayy, I was looking through random photos and I saw this girl who had photos with a friend of mine and I just kept looking and discovered many many things.

Yes. Professional stalker = Me
Okayy, I know I'm not a nice person but it's really hard to change my personality to make myself be someone who always think about others. It's so un-me I can't bring myself to change. Yes, I know there are many many really nice people around me. I'm just not one of the nice people around. I'm not emo-ing. Just listening to emo songs.

And Skype just made me high!

I've been skyping since I don't know when. I should be sleeping!!! :O

Skype rocks. Go create skype people!!! (((:

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