Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hello! I'm here to blog about the past few days!!! (:

Oh. I realised it's just Friday night and Saturday but it seemed like many things have happened.

The meeting time for Friday was supposedly 0945pm at Bishan but everyone was super late. I went to meet Xiao Ken (long time no use this name!) at Pastamania at around 1045pm and Annie came around 11pm. We went over to Shop and Save to buy the soft drinks for mixing before heading to Xiao Ken's house to take the car. Missed the last train to Potong Pasir so we had to alight and take a bus back to his house. Then we went over to Ethelbert's house to fetch Eun and Et. Andrew was only on his way home, so we went for supper first! Prata supper and Andrew came over to join us after he was done. Then we squeezed in the car and headed over to Annie's house. Vics and Sam were already there long ago and Aaron came to join us after that.

We were supposed to have poolside + games + drinking session at Annie's poolside but the security guard was evil he switched off all the lights so we couldn't see at all. And after a while, he chased us away! Then Et, Aaron and Andrew left while the girls and Xiao Ken went to the void deck at the block beside Annie's house to continue our drinking game.

It was the first time I felt like there was something wrong with my head after drinking. We played I never at the void deck and we started targeting one another like crazy. I wasn't drunk or giddy or having a headache and I didn't like I couldn't walk straight or anything.. I just felt heavy... Weird feeling.

Cabbed home with Vics and Sam at around 4, 5am..

Xiao Ken!
The girls! (:
The 6 of us.

I woke up at 0940am the following day for IJ training. Didn't feel tired at all even though I only had about 4-5 hours of sleep. Had a senior-junior friendly and I was supposed to have tuition at 0230pm but cos friendly ended late, I pushed tuition to 4pm! Tuition, came home and went to meet Cai Ying, Dave and Da Niu at bugis for dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe! (:

My dinner (: I had the set meal so there was a pre-starter, some disgusting tasting soup, main course and bread and butter pudding! (:
Da Niu who was trying to look like me. Fail.
Then it was Ben and Jerrys with Cai Ying and Dave! (:
And we started acting like people...

The 3 albums are here if you're interested!

There is something wrong with idiotic facebook! My student from SOTA was talking to me but I can't send the message around and he went offline. =.= There is nothing wrong with other things...

And right after I complained about idiotic facebook, it went back to normal and my student came back online. haha! I should complain about facebook more often so it will listen to me!

And right after I praise facebook, it started lagging again! =.=

What a retard.

Alright, school's starting tomorrow. It means I have to wake up early tomorrow! How sad. I woke up at 0430pm today. 13 hours of sleep = AWESOME!

Fun's ending!!! How sad!

Chockolate's printing notes of our common modules for me still! Yay! Chockolate FTW! (:

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