Saturday, January 23, 2010

Say I'm GG!

It's crazy how I have so much time to play and stuff but I have no time for to do my tutorial work.

IJ training with the juniors today made me feel slightly healthier because I haven't been exercising.

Gathering with Mafia Gang (all 6 of us were present) + Track Gang (only Vics and Wanching) was awesome. Pizza for lunch before Pictionary. Photos are in Ah Cai's camera (I'm following my NYR strictly).

Rushed off for the facilitators training at around 0430pm. Headed to St Mags just to know that the venue is changed to Botanical Gardens. So I waited for Cheng Long before we cabbed to Botanical Gardens.

Briefing ended at 10pm and Chloe, Atika and I headed over to Island Creamery for htht session.

Reverso and Cookies and Cream was sinful but love.

1 meal for the day (Pizza lunch) but I wasn't hungry at all. Weird stomach of mine.

There's a "Mr. I Like His Looks" during briefing whom I already saw and was looking at when I was bored waiting for Cheng Long, but Kaka said he's totally not nice looking ):

I'm really tired my eyes are closing. I don't think I have anything on tomorrow. Thankfully. I need my sleep.

I gotta chiong all my tutorial tomorrow because Monday and Tuesday are spammed with tutorials.

Sorry for the boring post. I'm just too tired. Photos will be up soon I hope.

I'll be going to Bintan next Friday and Saturday for some facilitation (:

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