Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm going crazy.

I have no idea why gatherings and outings like to fall on the same day.

It's 07S14 'xclusive outing tomorrow and I was so ready and prepared to go for it... and I just realised Hasan's leaving tomorrow and we're having a farewell lunch. I've to split myself into 2.. how to?

Booza Sports Day next saturday. IJ Juniors Friendly next saturday. Mafia Gang and Track Gang gathering next saturday. I'm gonna learn how to split myself into 3 next week after splitting myself into 2 for tomorrow.

It totally doesn't help when I have to keep refreshing the used textbook forum to look for my book and reply so many people's message about outings or random stuff when my message's exploding and trying to listen to this friend of mine who just keeps giving me heart attacks when I'm really serious.

And Sharon asked me to watch this horror movie on Channel 8.

If you don't see me tomorrow, it probably means that I went crazy or I got a heart attack watching the movie.

I'm like home alone so I've to face the movie ALONE!
There wasn't dinner at home because there wasn't anyone at home and there was no food!!! I cooked instant noodles for dinner. How sad.

Okayy. I decided not to watch the movie anymore. I couldn't concentrate anyway.

The best thing about today was that I bought a pair of heels from Mondo! I spotted 2 nice pair of heels, one white and one black (different patterns) and I had a hard time deciding on which one to get! Ah Tang and I probably sat in the shop for half an hour waiting for me to decide which one to get. When I finally decided to get the black one, there wasn't my size so they had to order it for me which took another 15 minutes. I'm going back to collect it 2-3 days later!! (:

Before we went to town to look for heels, we went to find Ahli at the Bazaar at Old School and I bought something for myself.

Okayy. I'm broke I'm broke I'm broke. But I couldn't resist buying that piece of clothing and that pair of heels. If I was rich, I would have bought the white one as well...

The cockroach's flying around like crazy and it just wouldn't stop so I ran into the room and hid there for like 20 minutes... After 20 minutes, I finally mustered all my courage, dashed out of my parent's room and took my laptop and phone and ran back to my room!

So, I'm in my room now while the cockroach's flying outside.

Disgusting Flying Cockroach. It's worse than a lizard!
My parents are finally back at 0154am!!! BUT THE COCKROACH DISAPPEARED!!!

That means, it's hiding somewhere! :O

Okayyyy. I should just go to bed and forget about the cockroach!!!

Nights all. Bad cockroach night! ):

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