Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nobody is Perfect!

Somehow the more you know a person, the more flaws you find in that person. I finally realised it's REALLY impossible to have a perfect person in the world.

I'm blogging at an insane 0305am because I reached home at 0130am and I'm watched the last episode of my drama while waiting for my hair to dry.

I have crazy emotions at night. I either get really high or really emo. I'm high now because talking to Conrad made me laugh out loud. He asked me how to create a facebook event which I found out how to in 5 seconds. Seriously. Conrad is funny. He's not humorous, he's just funny. He has no aims in life and he's as lost as me (or even worse). lol.

Met up with Tpy gang - Lebbs + Dave just now at Starbucks to discuss about bidding before Chockolate abandoned us for Pet (so much for the thought of sending us home). Thankfully, I had foresight that he was going to abandon us and I brought my ez-link card out of the house! (: But no worries Daddy, we're not unhappy or anything! (:

Rochor tau huey after that. I was so hungry I had a tau huey, half a you tiao and 1 hum ji beng. Dave's going to Hongkong to get us LPB. Sounds like some gadget or something right! But LPB turned out to be Lao Po Bing.

Photos during supper!

Cai Ying (:

We managed to catch the last bus home! It stated that the last 139 was 1225am. We reached the bus stop at around 1230am but the bus came at around 1233am??? We're lucky! (:

I cut and pasted the same chunk to 3 different people about why I'm still awake at 0328am!

"I was waiting for my hair to dry. my hairdryer needs the 2 pin plus which is rounded (not the normal 2 pin plug) then I can't find it anywhere in my house so I just wait lor. haha"

Told ya I'm high.

Nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect.

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