Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mummy's Ill-Treating Me!

It's 0200pm but Mummy isn't home with food yet. I'm starving!

Went to Clarke Quay for photoshoot in the morning just now. The photographer was late for more than half an hour and there wasn't seats so I stood at the control station to wait for him in my heels! My legs almost killed themselves...

But well, at least the photographers were nice and friendly (:

I'll be able to get the photos after they processed them (:

I really wonder what time Mummy is coming home. I hope she doesn't come back at 4pm.. I think I've starved to death by then and there's IJ training later!

And OMG, I was looking through the list of Steven Lim's models and I actually saw my JC classmate there! He's like totally not one whom I'll expect to be there! OMG!

And I just saw another friend of mine!!! :O:O:O Why is there so many guy friends of mine in Steven Lim's models list! *stunzzz ttm*

0243pm.. Mummy's still not back ):

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