Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miss Independent!

School started with Humour lecture which wasn't exactly very humourous. The lecturer's rather boring but I guess the first lesson was pretty alright.

Econometrics lecture was so slow I felt like I was running behind a snail, there is no way to make the snail speed up. Stem and leaf diagram, histograms, mean, median, mode was all that we learnt today. Wonderful. I couldn't control myself from yawning throughout the entire lecture.

Went off to Clementi Bookstore with the Booza people to get textbooks. I brought 110bucks out of the house and it miraculously disappeared. I'm only left with $12 in my wallet now. My textbooks cost $47.50 + $13.80 = $61.30. I topped up $10 into my ez-link, spent $22.50 on dinner and poof, no more money! ):

It's time to Budget Budget Budget!

Dinner at Fish and Co was awshume (quote elijah) but expensive. Company was great too.
(Chock, Chloe, Dave, Lebbs, Atika, Sharon, Ah Cai, Austen, Liyana, Jiayu, Sebby, Da Niu)

Millennia Walk after dinner was lovely too. Lennard came to join us and the two of us started highing over songs from HMS! "Got father got mother"... Alright, I mean like mother like daughter! Started dancing and singing and I think the rest probably thought we were crazy but that's how crazy we are over HMS! (:

He even gave me 6/7 links for HMS songs!!! Lennard's totally crazy with HMS and he told me not to tell anyone. Impossible!!!
I came up with some more NYRs for myself while I was stoning on the train because Ah Cai met her students on the train so she was promoting NJ to them and I had alone time to think.

One important NYR that I came up with is to be less dependent on others. I'm such a dependent person, I don't print my own notes, I don't like to go home by myself, my daddy cooks my instant noodles for me etc.

I'm turning 20 this year and i figured that I shall stop being that little girl who is in my own little world, just being satisfied as long as I'm happy. I realised things don't work like that anymore. I can't be living in my own little world, hoping everyone will be there for me whenever I need them. I figured that there is no one who can help you each and every single time. It's just not possible.

I'll try to grow up.

It's hard, but somehow I'll try.

I'll print my Econometrics lecture notes by myself. (Chock's still printing my other 3 lectures notes so thank you very much, it takes time to be independent right? So, one step at a time.)

I'll go home by myself whenever there is still bus or mrt or public transport and not impose on others such as Lebbs because it's troublesome and tiring for him.

I'll be more considerate and think of people as much as possible.

I'll be less lazy and cook my own instant noodles whenever I'm hungry without relying on daddy.

I'll try my best to be less-reliant!

Nope, I'm not emo-ing. I'm happy today because I had a great day! Lots of fun, peace, laughter and joy! (:

Is it just me or is it real?

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