Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm A PS Kia.

I've ps-ed 4 groups of people this week because I'm such a pig.

I was supposed to go for training with the juniors on Monday and mahjong with Songminghan, Waikit and Sharon but I had flu so I didn't go for both.

Tuesday was supposedly gathering with Andrew and Derek but I overslept so I didn't go.

I was supposed to meet the Chingay people today but I reached home at 4plus5 am last night and I overslept again.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I just keep sleeping.

There is so little time I don't have time to go for all the outings and gatherings.

I can't dinner with 4eva and Gang and Songminghan because I've dinner with Booza people.

Seriously, I need more time.

No time. No time. No time.

I can't believe school's starting so soon. I haven't done so many things! ):

When people talk, they talk altogether I have no idea why. I dislike it when I have to multi-task! Makes me feel so busy I hate it. I can't watch my show, message people and talk on msn all at once. I don't like the feeling that I've so many people to reply to and talk to when I just want to watch my show. I sound like a spoilt kid.

But that's just me.

Arghhh. I just felt like ranting.

New Year's Eve was spent training with the juniors and countdown with the Booza people.

Camwhoring with the juniors after training.

Then it was ECP with Booza. Thanks Hasan for the gifts! (:
Hasan's cute specs.
Pizza along the beach (:

Dave came back at 8plus and he joined us at 11plus. Lebbs joined us at 12plus too.
Jump shots (:

After ECP was Big Splash and Lennard came to join us! (: Lennard's the most handsome, bestest, dearest and sweetest Mummy! (: It was a pity Hasan left and the rest of us didn't have cameras with us! So no photos with my Mummy!




The feeling's fading.

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