Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm No Longer A Crybaby!

I had such an eventful weekend, I didn't have the mood or time to study!

Thanks to the flying cockroach in my house, I slept pretty late on Saturda night. No 8 hours of sleep equals to eyebags!

Dimsum buffet with 'xclusive at Dragon Gate Restaurant, Harbourfront Centre. The usual 5 of us, missing Sharon, Laoban and Engkwan. Ordered a lot of food at a shot and ended up playing "Zhong Ji Mi Ma" to finish the food. We just kept laughing during the buffet for retarded reasons and it feels like it's back to the jc days! Songminghan just kept snapping away with his camera and we couldn't eat in peace!!! Waikit and Hanxie had to stuff themselves with the Char Siew Baos and Custard Baos because we wouldn't eat them. I love the Siew Mai and the other prawn thingy I ate a lot of them, they even wanted to order 24 of them for me.

And many many other things (:

Reminiscing about the stationary wave and "SO, a needle pulling thread" was LOL!


We went back to Vivo and Songminghan wanted to take an artistic shot of the 4 of us on 4 different escalators so we kept taking the escalators up and down. He'll probably upload them next week and I'll post it here! (:

Sentosa soon clique!!!

Group photo! (:

Left to meet Booza for Hasan's farewell lunch at Newton Circus. L4D after lunch and meng yip is really pro! My username was meng yip at first and Austen tried to act as me, so he put purplefairyhorse as his username. Then he changed it to meng yip and for a moment, I thought I was pro at L4D! Turned out that it was him and not me.. So I changed my username to Aussie and the rest of them all thought that I was a pro at the game when in fact, Austen was the one who's meng yip.

Mos with Austen, Lebbs, Liyana and Atika for a drink before heading home.

Then it was off to the airport to send Hasan off!!! His flight was at 0220am and we reached there at around 11pm to 'study'. Okayy we didn't study, we watched videos...

Photos (:
All trying to pose like me.
Evidence of Lennard and Atika bullying me. They were trying to create static with my hair...

Atika sent me home after that! (: THANK YOU KAKA! Love you lots lots!

My timetable's awesome. It's practically like a 2-day school week. Lessons on Monday and Tuesday, 2 hours of tutorial on Wednesday and 2 hours of lecture on Thursday. No school on Friday. Lovely.
I was thinking just now and I realised my uni friends haven't seen me cry before! I used to cry really often in secondary school and jc.

I cried when my coach scolded me during competitions even though I won the match. I cried every time I lost a match during competition. I cried for more than half an hour in the science lab because my teacher kept scolding me. I cried when I'm stressed over work and my chinese teacher wanted me to hand up a chinese compo the next day. I cried when Sharon hit me with the shuttle cock even though she was aiming at someone else, I was just too stressed. I laid on the track and cried for almost 1 period because my shin was hurting like crazy and news spread really quickly, all my friends came to look at me cry. I cried when my teacher called my mother and my mother believed my retarded teacher that I wasn't doing well in PW, hello I got an A in the end!

There were so many small things I can cry about.

I really wonder why I don't cry anymore except when I'm watching shows. Tears don't seem to flow down as easily as before and I don't feel depressed anymore. That's probably a good thing (: I'm happy.

Okayy. This is not a cool or sad post. HAHA! I think I'm too tired I'm talking rubbish. Lack of sleep last night. Lack of sleep tonight. I told myself to sleep at 12, it's 0135am now.

I'm gonna be a mugger for this sem! Ah Cai and I went down to ask the lecturer questions again for Living With Mathematics! We're gonna thrash the other ATs and ace this module! (:

I wanted to write a long long long post about my crying days but I'm so tired I wanna sleep!!! Crying days are gone and here comes happy Meng Yip, Meng Lai, Yip Meng or whoever! (:

Alright, goodbye lovelies. Off to bed!!!

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