Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Think My Mummy Thinks That I'm Crazy!

I've been skyping for the past two days (talking to people on skype rocks!) and I'm always in the living room because I'm scared of being in the room alone. So while I'm skyping, my mother's behind me, watching teevee. I think she thinks I'm crazy because I talk to my laptop!!!

Anyway, today's "Around The World In 166"! I had tuition in the afternoon and I'm supposed to take 165 from the bus stop, but I missed the bus. So smart alec me decided to take 166 because I was certain that it will lead me to somewhere where I can change to bus 151.

So I took the bus and the bus passed by City Hall, Bugis. Chinatown... then it went to Singapore General Hospital (I got a shock) and I thought it was going towards Pasir Ris!! But thankfully, it turned into Harbourfront and I quickly alighted.

The reason why I didn't alight earlier is because my ez-link had only $2.50 and I wouldn't be able to board the next bus... So I finally stopped at Harbourfront, topped up my card and went to school for the arts/sde bash meeting.

I'll be going to Bintan tomorrow till Saturday.. Gonna climb the mountain there I hope I survive!!! Alright, I'm tired I should be sleeping!!!

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