Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been constantly refreshing the IVLE used textbook forum for more than 2 hours looking for the textbook for EC2303 but to no avail. It's 0207am and I'm still praying hard that some seller will be awake at this time to sell his/her book.

But no, my pray obviously didn't work, that's why I'm here to rant.

Why is there no one selling the book that I want???


I spammed 13 episodes of Glee yesterday and today and I finished everything that I have in my laptop. I hope lizards' best friend, Mr Supplier will supply me with shows to watch soon! Oh no, he shouldn't supply me with shows. Without shows, I'll be so bored and I'll study because there's nothing for me to do. Oh dilemma.

Anyway, I created a twitter account just now because I was bored and the number of followers I have is 3 (yes, I know it's really pathetic). The number of tweets I have is almost exactly 2 times that of the number of followers I have. Go follow me if you have a twitter account! I'm sweetfinity and I wanted asweetlemon but it was taken!!! ):
I'm someone who keeps playing the song when I like it and I'll try really hard to memorise the lyrics of that song. But right after I can remember the lyrics of the song, I'll be bored of it and I'll switch to another song and the process starts from the beginning again...

I'm spamming HMS songs now at 0331am. I can foresee myself getting bored of them soon! =P

And of course, I'm still refreshing used textbook forum!!!

But no, still no textbook for EC2303.

I'm starting to feel tired. I should go to bed soon!


If you're bored, you should go to Songminghan's blog and read the jokes. I thought they were pretty funny (:

And friends, this is the website for the secrets project, I'm not lying to you all okayy! The project really belongs to my friend and I'm just helping him.

Off to bed! Nights all (:

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