Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Girls Night Out!

SIM with Annie today after her school! I was supposed to watch shows there while she studies but apparently, it didn't happen. Annie kept talking and looking around and she didn't look at her notes at all. Mugging session failed. Terribly. Xiao Ken came over to join us and he stoned there for a few hours! And we saw Ethelbert there too!

Photobooth! (:

Annie thinks that this is uber cool.
She, being unhappy for having such a round face.

Jeff came over after his lessons and more photos!!

Annie to Jeff, "You must show your teeth! If cannot see the colour means your teeth not white enough!"

Alright. Chock came over to pick me up and Jeff was heading to town so Chock gave him a ride. At least there was someone familiar to accompany me after Annie left!! If not, I'll be left alone at an unknown place and I'll probably take really long to find the bus stop!

Newton Circus for dinner with some Boozarians after that!

Thanks Chock for treating Cai Ying and I to this meal! (:

Unglam photo of Lennard AGAIN!
Group photo (:
At Novena when Lebbs was buying cake. Notice the height difference! Shorty Mummy! =p

Walked back to tpy with Cai Ying and Sharon from Novena and we agreed to play Munchkin at the void deck below Cai Ying's place. But it was hot and dangerous so we went up to Cai Ying's house to play the game instead.

The game took us 3 hours and by the time we finished the game, it was 1plus am. Then for I don't know what reason, we kept talking and talking and talking and talking and the clock soon turned 6am. So we sort of stayed over at Cai Ying's house unknowingly. Breakfast at the coffeeshop below her house and I had a bowl of Lor Mee (: Homed at 8am...

I didn't call home to tell my parents that I'll be home late because I didn't know I was going to stay over at Cai Ying's house. And nobody called me so I thought no one realised that I wasn't home and I convinced myself that probably no one realised because they must have thought that the blanket was me!

Turned out that I was wrong because Mummy scolded me just now when she woke up! @.@

On a random note, Conrad seems to be awake at anytime of the day. He was awake at 4am, asking me how to create a facebook event. Just now he was awake at 8am to ask me if his points will get refunded. lol. Superman, don't need sleep at all.

The talk with Cai Ying and Sharon was great. Reminiscing those days...

Alright, I'm tired. I shall go sleep! Good Morning all! (:

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