Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day Of School!

Sem Two Day One passed just like that.

Lecture started at 10am. NM lecture with Liyana, Chock, Dave, Chloe and Daniel was pretty fun and we had to go around looking for people (scavenger hunt as the lecturer calls it) and surprisingly, Ah Mui takes that mod too! (:

Marketing after that with Dave and Cai Ying. Boring but survivable.

Crashed Sharon and Lebbs' lecture and the lecturer is seriously a hypnotist! Boring. Boring. Boring. The way he talks is plain boring but his pronunciation made me laugh!!

Scenario 1:

"The five students each has an egg. When all of them have eggs, there is no way to tell which student is better. So, we look at their mid-terms results to see which student is better."

(thought for very long, does egg means zero???)

"Lebbs, the eggs have nothing to do with the mid-term results right?"

"Eggs? I thought it was A's!"

(laughed out loud)

"Sharon, your lecturer said A but I heard as egg!"

"Oh, I heard as egg too."

(laughed out loud again!)

Scenario 2:

"....... re-cok-ger-nised...."

(heard Lebbs laughing)

(looked at the slide to find the word "re-cok-ger-nised")

"oh my, recognised!"

(laughed even louder)

"Sharon, your lecturer is so funny! Re-cok-ger-nised!"

"He's not bad already. He's about 1000 times better than the previous ones!"

lol. Why are lecturers so funny???

Living with Mathematics lecture with Ah Cai from 6-730pm. The whole lecture's filled with spectacled cheena people who look really smart!

Dinner at Science. Yummy western food (: We have decided to dinner there every Monday and Thursday after lecture! (:

We were supposed to take photos of ourselves and send it to Chloe... 3 HUGE retarded photos! (:

Why is 30 Jan such a popular date???

(1) NUSSU Bash Blackout!
(2) SOTA Instructors Gathering
(3) Booza Sports Day
(4) Jessica's 3 days Facilitators Camp

@.@ I don't know how to split myself into 4.

On a random note, my cute student from SOTA is super cute! (:

I don't like talking to people I don't know at all!

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