Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Facebook Groups Are Deceiving

"I was certain I gave you up. But when I see your face, I miss you, AGAIN."

I joined the facebook group because I thought that it was very true and I could relate myself to it obviously. I wasn't really thinking much when I joined that group.

Then Artons came to ask me why I was emoing! I wasn't emoing and even if I was, he shouldn't know. Turned out that he saw the news feed on facebook and thought that I was emoing cause I joined such an emo facebook group and came to ask me about it.

Artons Pang eh, aren't you surprised too? If it was someone else, I'll probably not be as surprised but yeah, it's him.

Anyway, he owes me a BIG meal now because I've been helping him ever since I don't know when due to the fact that I stay near to him. I told him I'll collect the meal when I'm broke (which is like every time) and retarded him said the deadline for that meal was before 22 March for a reason that there is no reason.

I told myself to study but I ended online talking to people. And when I felt tired and I wanted to sleep, Lennard showed me a really funny episode of a show which made me laugh like crazy in the middle of the night.

So here I am at 0253am blogging.

Alright, I shall just move on to the photos and go to bed.

Okayy. If you see any Booza people tilting their heads when they take photos, they're probably trying to pose like me.

A page of the calendar we gave to Hasan! March Babies! (:
Those who went to the airport to send Hasan off.

The more you want it, the further it gets.

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