Friday, January 8, 2010

Da Lang Da Lang!

Dinner with the Royalties at Crystal Jade was awesome! Sakang and Aaron couldn't make it though! It's been long since I last met them!!! We kept laughing non-stop I don't remember why. But we were talking about funny things that's all I can recall. Oh. We were talking about di*ks and stuff like that cause Andrew started saying how Eun looks at them. LOL!

We went to the toilet and when Eun pushed open the door, there was this little boy inside so she walked off quickly.. But that little boy started shouting, "Stupid. You all stupid!" really angrily. And he kept shouting non-stop even though the mother (after she came out from her cubicle) told him to stop. That got Eun really angry and she complained to the rest of them after that and she kept calling him a f***ker. lol.

Went to meet Cai Ying with Vics at 9 plus to chill and talk after dinner.

Oh mans it's like 1am already but it totally doesn't feel like it.

Okayy. Back to topic. I went to meet Cai Ying and Vics and we went up to the rooftop garden to talk!!! (: Then when we decided to head home... they wanted to learn the da lang dance so we stopped at some random block's void deck and I started teaching them the da lang dance. lol. I must make Lennard dance it with me one day! (:

On a random note, the blister on my toes is hurting me! ): And it's 0230am but the video refuses to upload itself! >:(

This photo is like this because Vics thought the dogs were coming after her so she screamed and we screamed and we ended up like this.
And we quickly ran back to take the other photos.

Andrew's Christmas present to me! Thanks Andrew, the calendar is really nice!!! (:
The video of our dance!!! We did 2 same dances with different endings but I couldn't upload the 2nd one even though I tried for so many hours!!! So, one at a time. If I have the time, I'll upload the other one! (: It's 0329am! Good night people!!! (:

I posted the second vid!!! (:


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