Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Boredom Is Killing Me!

Internet's lagging big big time and the only few applications I can use are MSN, Treasure Madness (the only application in Facebook that loads) and blogger!!!




There are several random comments from anonymous people recently and it's weird because it seems like there are random people reading my blog. I don't think they're my friends because they say stuff like "remb this: let not your heart be troubled". My friends probably won't leave this kind of comments. Okayy, thanks to those random people or person anyway! (:

I'm bored.

I'm blogging because I'm really bored.

NM readings is boring.

To Rockstar Timothy Yeo!
Good luck for your operation tomorrow and get well soon! (:

I ran out of things to blog about.

I should go read my readings.

My student gave me this today. Long time no see, 20cents biscuit!
I went to collect my heels after tuition today! (((:

Alright. Bye. I seriously have nothing to blog about.

Sometimes, making the effort just ain't enough.

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