Friday, January 8, 2010

Boredom Came Back!

I finished digging the treasures in Treasure Madness again and I have nothing to do online anymore! ):

I'm like really ultimately bored.

I had tuition in the afternoon just now and I couldn't rush back in time to rebid so I asked Cai Ying to do it for me! Thank you Ah Cai!!! Love you deep deep too! :P

I was waiting at the bus stop for 163 to chiong home but the bus refused to come. Then it started pouring like crazy and the wind kept blowing the rain at me and I felt really cold but the bus still didn't come. When the bus finally came, I knew I wasn't in time for bidding so I asked Ah Cai to do it for me!

Thankfully I got the module! (: 4 modules secured. 1 left! (:

It's poolside + games + drinking session later at Annie's place with the Royalties, friendly with the IJ juniors tomorrow morning, tuition in the afternoon and 07S14 'xclusive outing in the late afternoon.

I dislike it when I have things on one after another. Sometimes, I just feel like nua-ing at home.

Anyway, I got my photos from the photographer yesterday. I think I look strange. He sent me 6 photos in total and almost everything look weird to me. I think it's just me. Modeling is like a no no... And he said he needed an English name so I told him Ashley! lol.

School's starting in a few days time!!! I gonna start preparing myself for the mugger mood.

I think I'm taking a 1-hr nap first before I get ready for later!

And I uploaded the video of Da Lang part 2! (:

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