Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bintan Trip!

Facilitation was great! Bintan was great. The 2 days were great.

The ferry ride to Bintan was so bad that I puked. When I came out of the toilet, I saw Atika outside and she said she puked too. The good thing was, all we vomited out was water so it wasn't disgusting, it was comfortable puking. haha.

Mountain trekking wasn't as bad as I've expected. My muscle aches didn't really kill me on the way up, although it did hurt a little on my way down the mountain. At least my students were entertaining, they kept singing and it sort of diverted my attention away.

Bused back to the hotel where we had dinner (I was really hungry cause we didn't have lunch), and I finished a huge plate of food. Campfire after that was awesome!!! The fireworks were really near us, that's so cool.

My class totally rocks. 4E (: They were hyper and enthu and they kept going "Tsunami"!!! So cute.

Had about 5 hours of sleep before day 2 started!

(I have a huge pimple on my face!!! =/)

Sandcastle building, Sampan Rowing, Coconut Tree Climbing.


My class built this castle with crocodiles and penguins and bears going towards the castle and Ahmad came up with a story for it.

"The crocodiles and penguins are going towards the castle, but when the penguins saw the crocodiles, they turned and walked in the other direction. The teddies saw the penguins heading towards the castle and decided to follow them. The castle has ships from Pirates of the Caribbean, that's why all the animals are curious."

We had water confidence test and the students kept splashing water. Then it was sampan rowing and I sort of made Terrence fall into the water because we were trying to exchange places. He let me go first so when I was trying to get over to his side, he lost balance and fell into the water. haha. oops.

Anyway, it was lunch and back to Singapore after all the activites.

In the ferry ride, many things happened. Shit got stirred thanks to Robin (Rawbean the uncooked bean).. and Chloe had her classic moment!

(gives seductive look) "Anybody wanna take a photo with me?"

LOL! Chloe's so un-chewy when she said that!!!

And Kaka's "strong currents" joke is still retardedly funny for we don't know what reason!

Okayy. Finally, photos!

Most of the instructors at the camp said that Jerline looks like me! We totally don't look alike but we became sisters! haha.
Ahmad! Super cute boy who has great perseverance (: I'll remember Tsunami and his cute story of the crocodiles, penguins and teddies heading to the castle!
Jun Da.
Terrence. I made him drop into the water. haha.
The uncooked bean, PCL (the other instructor of my group!) and Jerline! (:
April and Atika! (:
Melvin and Mezaarium!
Uncooked bean the Big stirrer!!!
Kaka so cute!!! haha.
Mr. Un-Selfish, Alvin. He was acting fierce and kept calling me Selfish!

During the camp, I realised I look like many animals. Firstly, my students said I look like a chipmunk.. Secondly, PCL said I look like a frog (like huhh), Thirdly, my students decided I look like a squirrel. Sebby's forever calling me bunny. I can totally start working in the zoo.

After we got back to Singapore, I cabbed home to get ready for bash and thankfully, there was Lebbs who offered to pick the tpy gang up! Rushed like crazy and didn't even have time for dinner. Grabbed a cheeseburger on the way (thanks Lennard for buying it cause I was lazy to move). We were supposed to mug after the bash around 1am but I was so tired, I cabbed home to sleep!!! THANK YOU FLABBY AND LENNARD! (:

I woke up today with a shock. Sebby messaged me to remind me about the humour summary that I was supposed to upload by Friday. BUT WHEN I SWITCHED ON MY LAPTOP, I TOTALLY COULDN'T FIND MY DOCUMENT AT ALL! I felt so screwed because I couldn't remember what we went through during the lesson at all.

I was on the verge of crying when I called Sebby and Chock cause I really thought I'm screwed.

But I managed to edit Edwin's summary (there are 2 person doing the summaries every week) and tried to make it sound like my own and posted it up.

Tried to do my Econometrics tutorial but it is so difficult I gave up and I ended up slacking all the way till now.

I finally passed Andrew the secrets!!! And I got more papers from him.. so I'll be getting more people to write. Wahaha!

I always wanted to sleep early but I always end up talking to people till very late. It's 1220am. 9am lessons tomorrow! Off to bed!!!

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Jacob said...

Funny photos! Reminds me of my student days in Singapore, we too had a great time in a Bintan island resort.