Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bidding For Modules = Unhappy

I dislike bidding for modules especially when I have no modules in mind. I only have 3 confirmed modules I want to take, I can't decide on the other two.

This is so annoying. Not knowing what to take.

Arts Club Chalet was fun just now. It was great knowing more people! Played the drinking game with Raj, Boon Heng, Darryl, Shi Chen, Si Hao, Crest (???), Caiying and Chloe for a lil while. I think my memory's good when it comes to remembering names! (:

Raj was super funny, he's the chin master and he kept hinting to Cai Ying really loudly so that the three girls won't get to drink! (: Nice guy.

I felt super seh (as in tired) after drinking... We left pretty early and Chockolate sent Cai Ying and I home at around 9 plus. Thanks a lot Daddy.

I made Cai Ying crash the chalet and Chloe and her SDE friends were there cause Arts and SDE will be having a combined bash next year.

Anyway, NYR #12 fulfilled. Made more friends (:

Cai Ying came to remind me that I'm hungry because we didn't eat much at the chalet.. So I ended eating 2 slices of toasted bread.

I'm totally going crazy thinking of what modules to take. When I finally decided on a module, the lecture timing clashes with something else so I can't take that module. So I set her mind on another module and that module's lectures clash with another different module again!

How unlucky.

But at least there is Sebby and Cai Ying to distress me!! (:

Oh nos oh nos. It's 0140am. I'm supposed to wake up early tomorrow!

And I went to talk to people, it's like 0150am now. lol.

Alright. Blog again soon!

Heehee Haahaa is funnnn! (:

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