Saturday, December 26, 2009

Those Were The Days!


Hello people! I'm here blogging for the second time for the day because the night cycling timing has been changed to 8pm instead of 7. Thus, being very bored, I decided to post retarded photos of the past.

I have this very strong feeling that Annie will kill me because she hates people to see her past photos and here I am, posting them up.

It's purely for entertainment sake!!!

Reminiscing the past you know! :D

Woooots! So let's get started!!!

The IJ days!!!

Our favourite pose was "twisting"!!! Yes. I know I looked like a hippo. This is when I was in Sec 3 I think.. when I had short hair and the braces made me look... funny.
It's funny how the three of us (Me, Ahli and Jess) used to have short hair while Pat (on the left) had long hair. Now it's the other way round.
Ahahaha! More photos of my hippo face! =/
Group photo!!! Jess, Me, Ahli, Annie, Pat. (I think Joyce wasn't free that day and Ah Tang was the photographer?)
Ahh! This is Annie's favourite pose in the past!!!
Retarded retarded retarded me.
Alright, end of the funny Sec 3 photos. Moving on to NJ photos.

This was taken when we were having CIP. We were supposed to be doing work for CIP but we ended up taking photos and singing. Faris created a song on that day (which happened to be my birthday!)
Meowie the Baika with me being her maid for that period of time. In the whole of my NJ life, whenever I just cut my fringe, I'll pin my fringe up for at least 2 weeks before I let it down again.
Songminghan's birthday is on 2nd April. On 1st April (April Fool's Day), we bought him a hairband and sang a really loud birthday song in the canteen during recess. I remember wrapping the hairband in many many many layers of newspaper and magazine the night before (and I had a lack of sleep cause I was still wrapping it at some very late timing!). And the annoying part was, HE DID NOT UNWRAP IT LAYER BY LAYER BUT INSTEAD HE IMMEDIATELY DUG IN AND REACHED THE HAIRBAND IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! Seriously, I wanted to punch him cause he wasted my effort!!! >:(

This is Mr. Songminghan.Then on another fine day, there was supposedly spot check (Note: There are no spot checks in NJ at all except for that one time). We knew beforehand and we started pulling our skirts down to make it longer.. tuck in our blouse and stuff.

This is the result!!! Songminghan has a really slim waist but sad to say, it can't be seen from this photo.
Then it was the last day of school for J1 and our clique decided to take photos but some extra people decided to tag along. The people in pink shapes are nice people who are not in our clique. The people in red are the outcasts in our class. Let me start with the nice people. The one in pink square is Mark and very sadly, he got retained. The one in the pink circle is Marcus (he calls himself Makus). He's the top student in our school and class and he is really super smart!
Moving on to the outcasts of our class. The one in red diamond is in my faculty now but Sharon hates her because she caused her computer to die due to the virus in her thumb-drive (long story). The one in red square is this rather perverted guy but he is in another clique so I can't exactly classify him as an outcast. And the one in the red rectangle is together with the one in red circle. The one in red circle is the outcast of the outcasts!!! He is idiotic and weird and the only reason why our clique talks to the other clique in my class after school is to bitch discuss about him.
Our clique plus 1 outcast of the class (if you can spot her) and Timothy (who is a really pro dancer!) with Mr Tsang!!! Mr Tsang is super cute and he's my favourite teacher in school!!! He's so cute so cute so cute! And I got A for Maths.. that makes me like him more! :D
With Mrs Yeo (my chem teacher) and she's pretty fierce. This is the combination of 2 cliques plus a outcast. Actually the one in the extreme right is super hated by my clique too, especially Meowie. Hohoho. It's funny thinking about it.
07S14 'xclusive (I don't know why my clique has such a long name but yeah, just accept it!) This is my beloved clique with Mrs Yeo! :D
Alright. That's all for the photos. It's nice thinking back about school life!!!

I went to Yck Sports Hall to play badminton with the NJ people (Soon Kiat, Guohao, Albert and his bro, Weiyuan and Ren Bing) just now. I can feel my muscles aching and there is night cycling later. Wish me luck. I hope I can survive through the night.

Bye all. Off for dinner!

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