Sunday, December 13, 2009

That's Why We Aren't Models

Curiosity killed the cat.
Laziness almost murdered the bunny.

And the bunny is me.

I woke up in the afternoon, lunched and camped in my parents' room to watch shows on my lappy. I lied on the bed and adjusted the screen according to the position I was lying in. Can you beat my laziness?

(I'm having muscle ache now on my stomach and I can't sneeze properly)

IJ Juniors invited me to Breanna's house. Songminghan asked me to watch the meteor shower at Changi. Cai Ying asked me to dinner with the Booza people at Astons.

I told the juniors I wasn't going, told Songminghan I'm lazy, and almost told Cai Ying I was going to nua at home.

I was still on the bed at 0715pm crying over the drama when Cai Ying's message came. Wanted to pangsei them because I was sad (over the drama) and lazy and really just lazy.

After that, daddy came to ask if I wanted dinner because he was going to buy dinner.. told him my friends asked me to have dinner out but I'm so lazy to leave my house...

In the end he left the house telling me he wasn't going to buy my share.

At 730pm, laziness overwhelmed me and I wanted to dinner at home instead of meeting the rest. Unfortunately Fortunately, daddy didn't switch on his phone and I couldn't contact him at all... So I dragged myself out of the bed and got changed to head to Cathay for dinner.

Rooftop garden after dinner. Too bad Chloe had to leave 10 minutes after she met us.

Daniel kept asking us to be hiao (sexy, bitchy?) but I totally failed and gave a "I'm going crazy" pose.
So Daniel decided to demonstrate for us his idea of hiao.
Keep touching yourself.. Uh huh. We got that.
And remember you gotta show if you wanna be hiao.
Next was Austen's turn. "What do you want me to do?"
"I'm cool"
Okayy. I have no idea what this photo means. It just looks laughable!
Cai Ying: Daniel and Lai Meng take back to back.
(Austen tried to fly past when she was taking the photo)
Austen: Sit on the chair properly.
Austen: Take a photo together.
(The photo was taken before he tried to pull the table away)
And he wanted to pull the table away for a second time.
Cai Ying's squatting pose. "Oh no, I look like I'm shitting."
"Must have the feel!"
Her pretty successful squatting pose learnt from Y.

Austen: Lend me the camera to take a photo.
Me: You can't delete the photos
Austen: No. I won't. I won't.
(Returned me the camera facing me without taking anything)
*Snap* (I was fast enough and I turned the camera towards Cai Ying)
Result is the photo below.

Daniel, Cai Ying and I waited for the bus since 1215am and it only came at around 1250am. It was already 1am when I reached the bus stop, so I stopped at Cai Ying's stop and walked the uber long way home. Heels training day totally. When I walked past the level 1 house, the father and son were still playing pool on this small green pool table outside their house. It was 1plus!! Hilarious, they.

It's 0343am already but I don't really feel tired.

I'm pretty excited for next week.

Monday - Escape to Escape with Booza.
Tuesday - Bro's birthday, Support Chock at Home Club.
Wednesday - Ajisen dinner with 4eva and gang.
Thursday - Shopping.
Friday - Tuition, Rollerblading with Booza.

It will be an eventful week. I hope.

Nights all. I saw a lizard when I came home just now! @.@

Jealousy shows that you care?

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