Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nets Nets Nets Into Debts

I've been nets-ing like crazy nowadays and my money is depleting faster than the earth's ozone layer is.

It's shopping again with Meowie and Sharon today at Bugis. I bought a dress for comm ball (even though I told myself I'm going to borrow from Annie)... Initially, Mel and I were done with shopping and I'm pretty glad I didn't spend a single cent (excluding lunch). But when Sharon reached, we happened to walk past a shop and she happened to see a nice dress and I happened to like it so I happened to try it and happened to buy it.

I feel like telling myself to wake up like how Annie said Songminghan should wake up his idea when he suggested getting keychains for gift exchange. LOL!

I'm extremely broke. I want loads of money in a small ang pao as my Christmas present. Isn't that what they taught us when we were young. Big ang paos normally have little money and small ang paos have more money! So, please give me a small ang pao with BIG money. I don't literally want BIG big money.. but I want loads of money! :D

Shopped around Bugis Street, Iluma and Bugis Junction.

I bought a dress and 2 hairbands (I'm crazy, I'm not even a hairband person)..

Sharon and I went all the way to town to get my 2nd hairband because I decided to not do anything to my hair for comm ball and just turn up in a hairband. So it isn't exactly that glam after all.

Told you, laziness will kill me one day.
Artons asked me to get a gift for him yesterday because he needs it for gift exchange in army (I think it's ultimately lame). So I got chocolates and wrapped them up in mickey and friends wrapping paper (that's the only wrapping paper I have at home. lol). Met him just now to pass it to him and he couldn't stop complaining about the wonderfully cute mickey and friends wrapping paper.

I want to sleep but I need to level up my stupid treasure madness but I'm so unlucky I keep getting Unlucky.

Tomorrow's my 1st tuition with Sharon's kid. And that place is near Annie's and Jessica's house! Alright, back to treasure madness!

Nights! :D

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