Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've Big Specs and You Don't!

Bro was watching Paranormal Activity and he made me watch it with him.. I refused but he kept calling me to make me watch it! Rahhh.. and when I was looking at my laptop and wasn't looking at the show, he suddenly shouted really loudly and that scared me and I screamed.. My heart nearly dropped out in that particular instant!!! After that split second, my head felt like it went round the world twice. @.@

I don't remember what I was doing but I was packing my bag halfway... and the next moment I'm in front of my lappy again! So my bag's still half-packed for tomorrow...

I hope I don't forget to bring anything...

Anyway, the photos are finally up and I can finally blog before I leave for Bintan!

Chock lent me his cute big specs and I wore it for the entire day. It's frameless and the people at the bike booth made fun of me! >:(
The Act Cool Daddy.
The Mama Shop Owner Hasan!
The Evil Stepmother.
I completed the race... YES!

According to Cai Ying, this is the sailor moon pose.
Hasan is a joker. He wanted to lift up both his hands to take the photo.. but he failed after 1 second and I caught his Ahhh look. haha!

Austen's shisamo :o

Only Seventeen.

Don't Miss Me When I'm In Bintan. I'll Be Back On Wednesday.


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