Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Want To Go For Commissioning Ball

Let me tell you this story of mine which happened some time ago...

My not as close friend (who used to be my eyecandy in jc for 2 months) sent me a message on facebook to ask me if I'm interested to go for his commissioning ball. I started jumping up and down (okayy not literally but I was really happy) and was super excited to go for it.

But since he was my not as close friend whom I only exchanged 1 sentence with for the whole of my jc life, I replied him in a way such that I don't mind going but I didn't particularly showed much enthusiasm (although I really wanted to go and how often do your eyecandy invite you to be his partner right?).

After some time, he replied and asked if I still wanted to go because his buddy's friend don't mind going but he asked me first so I get to make the choice... So obviously having no choice, and him being my not as close friend, I can't possibly tell him "YES! I WANT TO GO!"

So, I said it was alright, he should go with his buddy's friend.

And my wish of going for social night / commissioning ball died.

How sad.

Friends out there reading my blog... if you have any commissioning ball and you can't find any partner, please tell me. I really really won't mind going with you.

lol. that sounded really thick-skinned but I really want to go!!!

It's sad that Songminghan isn't in OCS! I'll probably force him to bring me! haha!

Okayy anyway, today was movie-spamming session :D

I'm still thinking if I should do it.

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