Sunday, December 27, 2009

I can’t breathe without you with me!

Aren't you glad that Lai Meng is back safely without meeting with any accidents. After reading Songminghan's blog about all the accidents that happened during the njco chalet, Cai Ying and I were super worried that something will happen to us during night cycling!

But I'm proud to say that nothing happened to us, except my leg bua-ed against the pillar because I was at the back of the tandem bike so I couldn't see whatever was happening in front.

Cai Ying and I were dying during the night because we were really tired and our butts were really painful. But Hasan was really nice cause he waited for us even though most of the time the two of us were lagging behind! Hasan is the oldest but youngest at heart senior who took care of us really well! Three Cheers for Hasan! :D

Having no sense of direction and being very lazy, I'll just cut and paste stuff I kop-ed from Lebbs' blog.

"night cycling was fun! celebrated atika and derrick's bday at bk at east coast first before getting our bikes and heading off towards marina barrage, our first stop. chilled there for quite long! then headed to wheelock starbucks, stopping at lau pa sat in between. heh had supper at lau pa sat and i had a kopi there. then went starbucks and we all had christmas drinks before the promotion was over hahah! peppermint mocha hot! ok i had double dose of caffeine and i was damn energized the whole night! stoned at starbucks till 5plus in the morn then chionged back to east coast. and there was this guy struggling to keep awake in front of his laptop at starbucks LOL i really laughed like crazy omg hilarious! eyebrow action!""

That was basically our route for the night cycling! Reached home at around 9am and after bathing, I concussed all the way till 7pm!

I decided not to go for Eusoff Hall Friendly because I was really tired but I felt really guilty for ps-ing when I woke up and saw Jingwei's message about how there isn't enough players. @.@ Apologised like crazy but I don't think he's accepting the apology. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty as a girl can be.

Right. I'm having this sudden flu cause I walked home in the rain after badminton the other day. I hate flu. Okayy. Nobody likes flu.

I started typing this post at 9pm and now it's 1215pm.

And I feel like dying cause the flu is making me @.@. I don't even know if I can make it for training tomorrow. Rahhh. And there's mahjong session at Sharon's house.

Facebook is lagging big time and I can't tag people! I realised I'm always so free I like to go around tagging people. BUT facebook isn't allowing me to do so!!!

Alright. Photos for night cycling yesterday!

Kaka and Cai Ying! :D
Weishan, the last outing she attended was at Yew Ming's house!
The girls! :D

Cai Ying, Me, Lebbs the kopi uncle, Hasan the entertainer and Kaka!
Look at my muscular legs.. Woots.

The two of them could feel the cramp on their thighs halfway while cycling. That explains their expressions.
Chilled at Starbucks.
Ecp Macs for breakfast before homing.

Thank you Lebbs for sending the tpy gang home! :D

I suddenly have the mood to write about my New Year Resolution.

Number 1 on the list for my New Year Resolution is to drink more water. I think I'm super unhealthy because I don't drink water. I seldom drink water even when I'm playing badminton leisurely.

Number 2, stop being so free and tag people on photos. I should not waste time tagging and do other more useful stuff.

Number 3, stop thinking of taking photos with my camera. In other words, do not bring my camera out when I go out. This is useful because I do not have to upload photos and I do not have to tag people and that is Number 2 of my NYR!

Number 4, do not go onto facebook so often. I'm always camping on facebook even though there's nothing. YIP LAI MENG, THERE IS NOTHING FOR YOU TO DO ON FACEBOOK! If I can follow Number 2 and 3 of my NYR, I'll be able to do this! :D

Number 5, stop stalking people. Okayy. I'm guilty and I'm admitting it. If I do Number 4 of my NYR, this can be done too!!!

Number 6, study hard! (Of course)

I can't think of anymore. Brain's tired.

Facebook's being an idiot. I shall go sleep and pray that my flu's gone by tomorrow.

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