Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tuition in the morning was tiring but pretty alright. My student gave me a Hello Kitty folder because I gave her a spongebob file for Christmas :D There was tuition for my other student yesterday but she's still quiet unlike the one today who loves talking!

Lunch with Chock and Cai Ying at KFC and we had a little chat over lunch.

Sharing session with Cai Ying on our way home and we stood outside Vic's condo (the place we always part) for quite some time to talk :D

The song on Joson's blog got me started watching the drama for that song. I spammed 8 episodes yesterday and I'm going to continue it today! :D

I'm changing my house phone number. Ask me for it if you need it.

Tomorrow is New Year Countdown BBQ with the Booza people.

Friday's meet-up with the Chingay people and chillax session with 4eva and Gang and dinner with tpy gang?

I feel sleepy because I woke up at 9 plus today for tuition.

I finished digging 99% of my treasures for Treasure Madness but I'm only at Level 94. I need Level 100 to dig the last tile!

This is a post about random things that I can remember.

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