Monday, December 28, 2009

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Two Photos to start this post.

Us during Christmas with the sparkling juice and a lovely log cake sponsored by Da Niu! :D
Finally, one nice photo from comm ball (I know I look retarded in the other photos, stop reminding me).

I slept for the entire day today. I woke up at 5am and couldn't fall back to sleep I don't know why but I lied in bed till I fell asleep somehow. Then I woke up at 0930am cause of terrible flu and I couldn't go back to sleep again. I had cakes and biscuits and panadol and lunch before I went back to sleep at 1pm again. The next time I woke up was 6pm. I was supposed to go for IJ training before going to Sharon's house for mahjong today but flu-ed me made me impossible for me to leave my house. Plus, I woke up with a red eye.

One paragraph of my boring life.

I just remembered Number 7 of my NYR! It is to stop blogging as often when school starts! :D

Oh. And I had a nice dream when I was having my afternoon nap just now but I can't exactly remember everything.
Sometimes it's strange that the more you want to be with someone, the more awkward you feel being around that person which in turn makes you not feel like being with that someone.

You feel that you should be conscious of your actions in order not to embarrass yourself in front of that someone you like. You feel that you shouldn't be crazy and rough and should be gentle and demure in order to leave a good impression. You feel that you should restrict yourself because you care so much about what that someone think of you. You feel uncomfortable and unnatural but you can't control yourself from being restricted.

Whenever that person isn't around, you suddenly feel relaxed because you finally get to be yourself but at the same time, you feel sad that he is not there.

You want to talk to that person but you pretend like you don't care about him. You want him to notice you so you talk about other people to try to make him jealous. You feel sad when he cares more about others than you. You're constantly aware of his actions and you wish he will be secretly watching you too, although he probably won't.

You feel like hugging him at times but you know you can't. You feel like patting his head and tell him that he's cute. You feel happy whenever your hands touch. You go "Awww.. why is he so good looking?" whenever you look at him.

That's infatuation.

A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction.
Alright. I just lost my charger cover AGAIN! >:(

I shall go and try to look for it...

And after I typed that sentence, I'm still here after half an hour! @.@

Alright. Bye.

I like it when people say I look like a dancer even though I'm not and I can't dance. I just feel happy.

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