Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Time for lm's daily post!

Yesterday was ESCAPE with Booza. If it wasn't $9 per entry, we probably wouldn't have thought of going there. Rides like Pepsi, Panasonic and other funner rides disappeared, leaving behind only a few. DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE COOL COMPANY!

Viking was first and I had fun sitting at the end of the ship with Cai Ying and Weiyiang. The free falling feel was great and seeing Austen's, Lebbs' and Chloe's expressions made me laugh non-stop while on it.

Photos while queueing for Viking.

After Viking was the water ride. Austen shouted super loudly when he was going down the slide and it was really funny.

Go Kart was fun and I concluded by myself that I can drive pretty well! hahaha. My next drive shall be using Lebbs' car! :O

After Go Kart was Superman which made me fly round and round and made my head go round and round too. Superman spin my head right round right round when he go down when he go down down.

Viking again before we decided to leave the boring place for dinner!

Group photo!! Atika left earlier.

It says ESCAPE 360 degrees of fun. Sharon said it's true because you turn one round, it means zero degree, no fun.

Dinner at Changi Village was an explosion. My stomach nearly almost exploded.
Walked to Changi Beach after dinner and we started our twit (why does the twit word looks so weird?) fight.
Bused home with tpy gang!!! This is really rare because there is always Lebbs', Chock's or Da Niu's car!

Da Niu sleeping!
Okayy. I look like a retard in this photo but the main focus is on Da Niu! His eyes are popping out as if he's acting in a horror movie! Scaryyy.


Met Sharon for shopping! Her mother sent us to town and we started our shopping spree!

I spent $34.90 on a high waist skirt, $29 on a denim jacket, $26.90 on a black jacket and $3.40 on a belt and that totals up to $94.20!!! :O

B-R-O-K-E! *piang*

Dinnered at home before heading to Clarke Quay to meet Booza to support Chock at Home Club!

Cai Ying and I with similar jackets!
Cai Ying Cai Ying Cai Ying.

Lebbs act cute. I didn't act cute. I'm naturally cute I was just showing a peace sign.

Start of the hiao poses again!

I really couldn't do this hand on hair pose so I ended up laughing like mad!
I'm sacrificing my image and putting this up. This was taken right before I burst out laughing (that explains the retarded expression). Chloe looks like she was having a headache. Cai Ying's da best.

Chloe. Fail. Cai Ying. Full Marks.
Yes. We're the pageant king and queen of........ the tpy gang! Ahaha.
The three and only contestants of the pageant. Cai Ying got 1st runner-up. My eyes aren't on the camera and the best reason I could think of is, it's too dark in there and I'm short-sighted so I can't see where the camera lens is.
Chockolate daddy.

Alright. Rochor Tau huey for supper before homing!

I'm supposed to go for IJ training tomorrow but it's already 0345am, I doubt I can wake up. So, I guess I'm skipping it.

Ajisen dinner with 4eva and gang tomorrow! :D

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