Thursday, December 17, 2009

And So This Is It

8 New Messages on my phone when I woke up. Half of it were from Cai Ying who was complaining and the other half were random messages from people.

I'm such a fickle-minded person.

A few days ago, even yesterday, I was complaining about how sad I was because I can't go for commissioning ball.

Today, Tim said that his partner isn't going and he asked me if I'm free on Sunday to go for it.

But the thing is, I wasn't exactly extremely happy that I'm going for commissioning ball. Don't ask me why.

But well, I'm going for commissioning ball after all.
I went to take the hard disk from Lebbs just now and I copied 42 movies into my lappy! Now I have lots of movies in my lappy and I'll never feel bored!

Looking at the oh my goodness really funny but I can't say what photos seriously made me laughed non-stop for 10 minutes in front of my lappy but I shant be a bully, so I'll keep it as a secret.

I was packing my really messy wardrobe today and I threw out most of my clothes to pack them. This huge stack of clothes isn't everything, some of my clothes are still on hangers in the wardrobe, some are in the drawer in another cupboard. My wardrobe's exploding.

I only managed to fold them and I didn't have time to iron them before I bathed and left my house to meet 4eva and gang!

Novena Square 2 Ajisen for dinner :D

Jess, Joyce, Pat, Ah Tang.
Ah Li, Annie, Me.
Group photo. We tried to look for people to take a photo for us but we failed so we ended up putting the camera on some random pillar and use self-timer.

Udders for Ice-Cream after that! And I believed all 6 of us (Joyce left early) had fun laughing at Pat's retardedness!

Nice Christmas Tree :D
And I hugged Santa!!!

I hate it when things get complicated.

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