Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm having 2 mass-convos now! One with Edward Ah Gong and Tong Tong, the other with Bimb and Timo and I'm also talking to Jaime. These people really makes my night!

To ..... ,
I like Tong Tong as a little brother and not the boyfriend kind of like. So don't worry, I'm not eyeing him to be my boyfriend. And okay, Tong Tong belongs to everyone! =D
Everyone thinks that I'm working as a bartender just because I'm working at night! LOL!

I'm not working as a bartender! I'm still doing calling!!

Met Ling for lunch before we went over to NTU for my written test and interview.

Test was screwed. Interview was fast. I was the third/forth to go in but I was the first to come out. But I'm okay with the interview because it's doing what I like to do! Talking!

I'm spending so much time on msn that I'm taking hours to blog.

Okay. Had dinner at Burger King and went to workplace to sit down. We sat in the office from 6 plus to 8 plus and went home at around 9.

0 bucks. We totally skipped work today. AGAIN.

Liling went crazy sitting in the room and she started highing for no reason. She started highing, singing and talking nonsense!!!

And her daughter will be called Lim Ling Qi in future! 007! LOL!.

I had oranges and instant noodles with prawn when I came home! Daddy prepared the food for me! =D

Oh. And Timo got selected for the law interview and written test! GOOD LUCK TIMO!!

Alright. Photos.

At the NTU Toilet!

At our workplace!!!!
The Yoga Pose.

Camera Effects!!!

Ling started to go crazy.
Woots. Coolness!

She started laughing like mad!
Unstoppable! With no reason.
Then she insisted that she doesn't have face to face the world because Humpty knows everything. So she covered her face with her fringe.
Then she started singing.... LOL!

Okay. I am excited for tomorrow! =D

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