Monday, April 6, 2009


I was supposed to go to Sentosa with 4eva and Gang today but it rained so heavily non-stop till we had to change our plan! =(

Met Ling at tpy at 4 plus and boarded the train that Jess, Pat and Gabs were in. Headed to Vivo to meet Joyce.

Thai Express for dinner! <3

Jess, Ling, Joyce.

Me, Gabs, Pat.
Curried Soft Shell Crab AGAIN.
Cripsy Prawn Balls.
Group Photo.
Then Tanshunli came to join us.

Lily and Pat.
She bought cookies specially for us!! Let's give her a clap!!!!!!! *CLAP*
Gabs and Ling.
Me and Lily.
After Lily finished her dinner at Subway, we went to walk around. And I ended up buying this Mango top. Ignore my fat face. Focus on the top.
Then we went over to Zara to shop around. Jess and I were so engrossed and we totally didn't realise that the rest went missing till very long later.

We called them and they told us they were at all parts of Vivo. The two of us gave up finding eventually and went to National Geographic Place to walk around. Cool place!! =D

And I expected something to happen and it did. They called us to meet them at the rooftop garden and they prepared a really belated birthday celebration for me.

The 3 YUMMY cakes!
Making my same wishes over again.
Long straw for the green tea.. It's impossible to drink the green tea like that! And ignore Gabs' obscene post at the back. lol.
My birthday present was a tee and a Mars Bar! =D
I was just posing.. Nothing comes up the straw seriously.
Group photo. The photo is like that and we are so small because we got tourists to take the photo for us. And Gabs made a really good point... "We are so small because tourists come to Singapore to take photos of the sceneries"... No wonder.... Nice scenery uh..

They told me that I'm not supposed to cut the whole cake, so I'm only supposed to cut half the cake and the next birthday girl will finish cutting the cake.. But Jess misunderstood and cut the rest of the cakes..... Look at the mess.
See the twist sign gets wider and wider.......
"I got an A in shop class!"

The rest of the photos taken today are here.


Let's meet up sometime soon to tan!!! =D

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