Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Clothes!

I wore my happy clothes today! <3

Met Tanahli and Tanahling for lunch. I woke up the earliest and I gave them morning calls!!! I had lunch at home cos Daddy was home. The two of them had KFC for lunch!

After lunch was arcade. We played Photohunt and we broke the record!! I seldom go to the arcade but today was fun with the two of them! =D Then it was 2 races for Daytona before we went to sit at the steps to wait for Gabs' arrival.

Gabs baked muffins for us! =D

Then at night was K with Royalties. Aaron, Andrew, Vics, Gabs, Eun and I.


Liling and I totally do not look like each other.
We really do not look alike.
Gabs with her muffins.
We set this on self-timer and Tanahli and Tanahling were not in the pics.
Lots of camwhoring.


Eun and I.
The "Sharks Fin" that is tasteless.

Gabs Gabs!
Royalties!!! <3
Me, Vics, Eun, Gabs, Aaron, Andrew!

Okay. End of photos.

People who are emoing, STOP EMOING!!

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