Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hello!!!! 2 days left to my birthday!!!!

Met Liling at 11am and went to work at 1230pm. We didn't have the mood to work today so we slacked pretty much. Talked, facebooked, bloghopped and went to 7-eleven.

TFT and I went down to meet Sasa during lunch and we went back to workplace to camwhore!

Two front teeth (TFT which is Agar's new nickname) rebonded her hair yesterday! She looks super cute now! Like a little girl with IQ 50! lol... Photos later.

Went to Chinatown with TFT and Liling to buy stuff.

Ot-ed and went to PS to meet up with Evil Pot and Gladys. They were at Sakae so I ordered some food even though I already had dinner.

Okay. Photos.

Show you some magic!! All the three photos were taken today but look at my shirt! Purple!
And this is the original colour. Cool Cool??
Liling at Yoshi!
And I!

I know we should be working. But calling is boring and tiring!

See TFT?? Cute right!!! *pinch pinch*
Bang Bang!
We will bang you with our bangs!

Friends that makes working interesting! <3
I hate disappointments. Please please please don't make me disappointed!

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